Bug Legs, Water Silk, and Fish Flash Back To Full Stock! Clearance Sale News....

Posted by Mel Moore on

The Bluegill Bug Shop has a fresh new stock of Bug Legs, Water Silk, and Fish Flash ready to go back out the door to our valued customers.  Included in bunch are all the standard colors, plus, a few new colors have been added that really makes these (3) products worth your time to check out.  Bluegill, Crappie, Large & Smallouth Bass should certainly be in approval of these new colors, too!

So, if you are one of our customers who have been waiting for these to get back in stock or added to the stock, do not hesitate to visit our shop and determine for yourself if you need to get some of these products on your bench soon.

In addition, I am announcing a complete "Clearance Sale" on all Flymen Fishing Co. Double Barrell Surface Seducer Popper Heads in stock.  Price has been dropped to "rock bottom" on these.  Great product for Poppers for Bluegill and Bass.  Get yours now while the supplies last.  When they are gone, their gone!

As always, appreciate the support of The Bluegill Bug Shop!



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