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Tip:  I would prefer that you don't shoot the Messenger..........................
The Messenger is me and I am here to share product updates and other things happening at The Bluegill Bug Shop.
If you frequent our Online Shop, you may have noticed some Products coming and going.  One day they are there and a few days later they are gone!  What
I am attempting to do here is give you all a customer alert.........
As we all know, our World today is upside down it seems.  War, Inflation, Co-Vid issues, are some of the more consuming issues going on for all of us.  With that said, I spend considerable amounts of time in communication with my various Wholesale Dealers and Distributors.  
At The Bluegill Bug Shop, I attempt to have the best products I can find available to my customers at fair prices.  I combine that with fast service in most cases, and, rely upon satisfying my customer base.
Back to the Shop Store site, if the product is listed there, then it is available for you to order.  If a product is "Out of Stock", that means that I have an order in for more of the product to be delivered to the Shop and am awaiting arrival of that product.
On the other hand, if a product is not there or not-listed, then that means the Product is currently having Shipping & Delivery issues and I don't know for sure when I will be able to add that Product back into the Shop Inventory,  Another issue is the huge costs being passed on to Dealers and Customers as shipping charges.  I have always done the best I can do to be fair with my customers on shipping charges!  With that said, I will continue to attempt to base my product selection on availability and fair prices and will absorb some of the increased shipping charges, but sadly, not in all cases.
For example, I recently shipped a Rod to a good customer.  When I mailed the product to the customer, I came to find out that U.S.P.S., had once again, raised their fees for shipping the boxes the Rods are shipped in by close to 50%.  Certainly cuts into the profit margin considerably, and/or causes a significant rise in the Customer's cost of original purchase.
Finally, all Dealers are really scrambling right now to find adequate supplies of everyday products we have on our fly tying benches etc.  Some products that I use to be able to get on the phone and call and have that product in a quick turn around time to replace my inventory, are now taking 2-3 weeks to get those orders in to the Shop.  In some cases, I have been told due to the issues of shipping delays coming from Oversea's Distributors that shipping time is guesstimated at 3-4 months before they will be available to our customers again.
I appreciate the support and patience of all of our Customers at The Bluegill Bug Shop.......... Things are going to be tough for awhile in this business until relief somehow is provided.  Not only through this Shop, but, for every fly shop wherever they are based.
Go fishing, absorb your pleasures, and, we will talk again!

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  • I fully understand. I can relate to the issues though, we moved from Maryland to Delaware. We needed to order 2 couches, we have been waiting since last June for them to arrive. Everything from wood, to foam, the material to the people building them is an issue. Then add on top shipping….. hopefully we will see them before July, a year since they were ordered.

    Robert Johnson on
  • Thanks Mel for keeping us informed. Appreciate the way that you do business.

    Bill Kolstad on

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