Several New Fly Tying Products Have Been Added To The Bluegill Bug Shop!

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In the last few days, I have added several new products to our line of products on The Bluegill Bug Shop.

Here is a brief rundown of what has been added.  Each product is on the shop site now and ready to go back out to customers.  Please visit our shop for more details:

  1. SureGrip Ceramic Fly Tying Bobbin: This new line is made of very high-quality materials and features an innovative grip handle. This handle makes sure that your tools do not slip out of your hand, even if wet or oily. Each tool is uniquely designed to compliment your fly tying setup. This bobbin has an ergonomic finger rest to ensure that it stays put while you are using it. It conforms to many different spool sizes, so you don't have to worry about picking the right size. 
  2. Crystal Antron Chenille in several great colors:  

    Blending translucent Tri- Lobal fibers with a hint of Pearlescent Mirror Flash, Cascade's new chenille could revolutionize the use of standard chenille. Extremely durable and can be heated to form tapered worm patterns and flat bodied nymphs. Tying simple egg patterns to Crystal Wooly Buggers have never been easier. 

    These are size Medium............

  3. Poly Tron (Zelon) On A Spool:  It can be used for spinner wings, body material, "breathing" tubes, nymph wing cases, tails, or shucks and is extremely translucent. 30 foot spool.  Check out our color selection with more colors to come.
  4. Mallard Flank Feathers and Peacock Herl:  In larger 1/4 Oz. packages with more great product for your money.
  5. Silicon Micro Mini Legs:  You want small round Micro Mini Silicon Legs? Then this product is a great one for you.  Made from 100% silicon under a special patented process. Extremely strong and life like movement. Silicon will not deteriorate like rubber or latex will. Made in the U.S.A . Approximately 44 , 8 inch pieces.
  • You will really love these legs............... 
  • Http://

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