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The Bluegill Bug Shop continues to march forward in the heat of this Summer, and, looks forward to providing top quality fly tying products and accessories for out valued customer base.
Like any fly shop or small business, maintaining a steady flow of products that meet your needs is of top priority!  Availability, cost, and, product delivery to you is our major concern at all times.
With that being said, customers may see products that may be out of stock currently........ That is not a problem of my willingness to provide the product, but, the lack of certain Distributors to have ongoing access to their product lines.  Current situations in our world are mostly out of our control and getting shipments in can be difficult, at best.
So, it is always a challenge to have an inventory that will meet our needs all the time..
We do have some Product updates that we would like to share with you.  
New Products:  The Bluegill Bug Shop has accessed some cool new Foam Sheet material for our shop.  It is called, "Creature Foam".  Here is a picture of some Creature Foam.
Creature Foam is a strong 2mm Sheet Foam that comes in several different color formats that allow the use of this foam to give a mottled look to your fly foam patterns.  We have several different color combinations coming in, with some already, in stock!  Let your creativity run wild with this material and give your foam patterns a new look.......
The Bluegill Bug Shop is also bringing back a more complete stock of "Kumoto Premium Fly Tying Hooks".  These are exceptional quality made in Korea, and, we have selected several models that would see significant use in tying Bluegill Bugs, other Panfish flies, Bass, Trout, etc.  These hooks have been ordered and some are trickling in and have been added to our inventory.  These are a great option to have in the shop and on your tying bench.  They come in several different styles, sizes, to meet your tying needs.  Some are Barbless Competition hooks, while others come with a Barb. (Please consider smashing your barbs to protect both you and your fish!)  These hooks come (50) per package of one size and style, so, that too is an advantage more hooks and a great price to boot!
Lastly, it is Chernobyl Ant time of the year.  The Bluegill Bug Shop is offering Mini-Chernobyl Ants to our customer base during this Summer and Fall Seasons.
Perhaps, you tie your own flies, and, would like to purchase the Mini-Chernobyl Ant pre-cut bodies to tie your own with.  No worry! 
Thank you for taking the time to check out our products and to stay updated on what is going on in our shop.........

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