Kumoto Premium Hooks

The Bluegill Bug Shop has used and reviewed many different style and makes of fly tying hooks from suppliers from all over the world...... In doing so, I have came to the conclusion that the Kumoto Premium Hooks are some of the best quality hooks at a price point that most fly tyers will love to take advantage of.  These Premium Hooks are distributed in the U.S.A. by Yellowstone Fly Goods out of Montana.

They have a wide range of hook styles and sizes to offer the fly tyer.

The Bluegill Bug Shop will offer a sampling of their hooks in our shop in some of the favorite styles and sizes popular for tying out bugs we use for Bluegill, Panfish, and Bass.  Each package contains (50) hooks per size per package at a great price too you.  These hooks are barbed hooks and we request that you consider smashing that barb for the benefit of the fish and you...........