Hot Head Soft Hackle Killer Bug

Anyone who has spent much time fly fishing for Bluegill should know that Bluegill love Soft Hackles.  The Soft hackle/Wet fly version is tied in many, many variations.  One of the oldest traditional styles of fishing for Bluegill, other Panfish, Trout, and other species of fish.

We tie the very popular Hot Head Soft Hackle Killer Bug in the same color combinations of the Hot Head Killer Bug Nymph we carry in the shop.  The only difference is we have added a soft flowing soft hackle to represent movement and action just behind the bead.

Personally, I would not be caught without some Soft Hackle patterns in my Bluegill Box.

This is one of our favorite patterns...............

Tied on a size 12 hook for your fishing pleasure.