"Big Bite" Foam Spider

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The infamous Foam Spider has been a stalwart pattern to have when learning to fish for Bluegill.  Bluegill's absolutely love them and have for my (40) some odd years of fly fishing for Bluegill.

I started tying the "Big Bite" Foam Spider recently with the new "Big Bite" Foam Spider bodies.  These are tied on a Firehole Stick #618 in a size 8.  The idea behind this Foam Spider is, hopefully, to eliminate all the smaller fish that terrorize and gobble up smaller size 10-14 Spiders.  You won't eliminate all of them, but, the "Big Bite" Foam Spiders should draw the attention of bigger Bluegills and some aggressive Bass.

They come, currently, in six different colors.   

If you are like me and want to hook some bigger fish, then try the "Big Bite" Foam Spider