Bluegill Foam Spider - Orange

Bluegill Foam Spider - Orange

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Foam Spiders and fishing for Bluegill on the surface has been synonymous for many, many years.  It is where "The Fun All Began" for most of us in our fly fishing adventures with catching Bluegill on the surface of the water.

Splat, Suck, Smack, whatever that sound the Bluegill make when it takes a Foam Spider is just as exciting today as it was back in the beginning some (40) years ago now for me.

There are lots of foam spider variations tied around the country today by many tyer's who enjoy this type of fishing.

This is Mel's version of the Bluegill Foam Spider in a selection of his favorite colors for fishing on the surface of the water.  Tied on a Barbless Dry Fly Hook size #10

Go Bluegill............