Foam Chernobyl Ant - Brown / Yellow

Foam Chernobyl Ant - Brown / Yellow

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Sometimes when you are fishing and the smaller Foam Spiders or Foam Gurglers are not stirring the fish up to the surface regularly, the fly rodder needs to take the next step to create some chaos on the water to get their attention.

Time for the Foam Chernobyl Ant to be taken out for a swim.  This great pattern has proven itself all over our country to be very effective at certain times when all else does not work.  Be on a stream of moving water, or, on a lake or pond, the Foam Chernobyl Ant has paid off handsomely for many years with aggressive fish.  

Do not get caught thinking these are too big to fish for Panfish.  You would be dead wrong! Besides the fact that now you are getting into something size wise that Largemouth Bass want to smash also.

Foam Chernobyl Ants can be tied in a multitude of various color combinations.

The Bluegill Bug Shop ties them with that in mind.  If you are looking for a specific color combination just drop me an email or message and I can fix you up with what you need.