Foam Triangle Bugs - Bug Pack of (3) Per Color & Size

Foam Triangle Bugs - Bug Pack of (3) Per Color & Size

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The Foam Triangle Bugs have exploded on to the Bluegill fishing scene in the past few years.  This unique shape of the foam used for the body has been used very successfully for Bluegill and other Panfish.  Theoretically, the triangle body shape is harder for a smaller fish to swallow, therefore, less hook ups on the little guys, and more, substantial Bluegills come to hand.

The Foam Triangle Bugs are tied on a different style of hook than other smaller foam bugs.  At the Bluegill Bug Shop we use a Size 8 Firehole Stick Barbless hook, Model 860.  This is actually a straight Streamer Hook with a wider gap than most others enhancing the fly tying process. 


 Our Bug Packs are (3) bugs per pack of one size and color!

Go Bluegill............