Individual Pattern Fly Tying Kit - Surface Seducer Panfish Popper

Individual Pattern Fly Tying Kit - Surface Seducer Panfish Popper

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The Bluegill Bug Shop is happy to bring back our Individual Fly Pattern Tying Kits for our customers enjoyment.

The Surface Seducer Panfish Popper Tying Kit will include all that you need to learn to tie a Surface Seducer Panfish Popper, and if you already know how to tie one of these, then, this Kit will provide you with a material selection to re-stock your fly box at a reasonable price with just what you need!


This great Topwater Trout Popper fly tying kit has everything you need to tie 6 popper flies.

The Panfish & Topwater Trout Popper is great for fishing situations where you need a smaller, scaled-down popper that imitates small bugs, insects or juvenile baitfish eaten by your target species. Proven as an effective fish-attracting component, the Double Barrel popper & slider body (XS size combined with a #8 hook) creates the smaller size poppers you need in your arsenal for those times.

Included Colors Assorted Color

Included Materials

Surface Seducer¨ Popper Hooks (Size #8)

Surface Seducer¨ Double Barrel Popper & Slider Bodies (XS)

Surface Seducer¨ Dragon Eyes

Hen Hackle Feathers


Rubber Legs

Not included: Thread, glue, fly tying tools, large needle or Hareline Leg Puller