Stayner Ducktail - (3) Pack Size 8

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The Stayner Ducktail in it's original form has caught more fish for me than any other fly when fishing below the surface, bar none!  It is a legendary fly by those who know of it and use it from U.S. waters to Chile, New Zealand, Russia, and beyond.

Originally tied by Ruel Stayner of Twin Falls, Idaho, to represent perch fry in a local reservoir....

Modifying it seems like a crime, but, I like the looks of Variegated Chenille for the body as it provides a whole new variety of color choices.  This pattern has turned out to be very effective also for Bluegill, Bass, Trout etc.  Have friends who use it for Catfish and Smallmouth Bass.  "nuff said"......

Tied on a Firehole Stick Barbless Hook in size (8).  Lots of other sizes work also, but, (8) is my favorite.

If you have not fished a Ducktail, you are missing out on some great fishing!