Pond Damselfly Nymph

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Damselflies are famous for their place in the diet of Pond and Lake fish.  There yearly migration from depth in the water to the accessibility of anything they can cling to near shore as they begin the metamorphosis into those beautiful adult Damselflies we see flitting about the water surface in the summer months is absolutely one of the most memorable things an angler can witness.

The Pond Damselfly Nymph is designed to be fished in shallow water depths around weed beds and other water structure imitating this migration to the adult status.  Fish gorge on them when they are actively migrating to shore.  Bluegill, Bass, Trout, are aggressive feeders during a Damselfly Migration.

The Pond Damselfly Nymph is tied on a size (10) barbless hook.  

Everyone should carry a Damselfly Nymph in their box ready to be fished during June, July, August, especially.