Mottled Mop Jig - Brown & Tan

Mottled Mop Jig - Brown & Tan

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The Bluegill Bug Shop has switched over to tying most all of their Nymphs, Wet Flies, Mop Flies etc to being tied on a Barbless Jig Hook with the turned down eye. 

The Mottled Mop Jig is a great example to use.  The Mottled Mop is a two color mop material that when tied with a Tungsten Bead causes the hook to ride upside down in the water.  Therefore, avoiding a lot of snags and other pieces of structure that you would normally hang upon when fishing.

The Mottled Mop Jig has a fully dubbed collar which adds to the bugginess of the Mottled Mop Jig's.

Do not hesitate to toss a Mottled Mop Jig at your fish!!