Streamers - Simi-Seal Leech - (3) Pack

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The Simi-Seal Leech pattern is a standard throughout the USA as a great pattern to fish in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and, streams where Leeches are present.

The very buggy looking Simi-Seal is a beautiful long fibered material that has great action when wet.

This is a Bead Head version of the Simi-Seal Leech.  It is tied on a size 12 long shank hook.  We use a size 12 as a good size to fish for Bluegill..... However, this size is also very productive on other fish species as well.  Make sure you have a supply in your fly boxes year round.

Various color options are available.  The Simi-Seal Leech comes in a (3) Pack.   Fish On!