Stayner Ducktail

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Without a doubt, one of my favorite bugs of all time! The Stayner Ducktail was designed by the late Ruel Stayner from Twin Falls, Idaho.  He designed to attract the big trout of Magic Reservoir in Idaho.  His thought was that it would be a great representation of a Perch pattern.  Perch occupied the reservoir in great numbers also and fed lots of Trout! To make a long story shorter, this pattern has been fished all over the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Russia, and parts unkown with very good success by the fly fishers in the know.

This fly has caught more fish for me than any other sub-surface pattern in my (40) plus years of fly fishing.  Bluegill, Crappie, Bass, and Catfish have enjoyed it on many waters also.

If you have not tried the Stayner Ducktail, this old pattern awaits your discovery!

Tied on a Firehole Stick #839 Barbless Hook in a size 8.