Teaser Tail Nymph Jig - Wannabe Pheasant Tail

Teaser Tail Nymph Jig - Wannabe Pheasant Tail

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***The Wannabe Pheasant Tail is designed to look like a Pheasant Tail Nymph, but, is tied with no pheasant tail or peacock on the body.  Instead Mel uses Spindrift Yarn for the body and UTC Herl for the Thorax.  Combined with Bug Legs for Teaser Tails.  This Nymph/Jig just plain works***

Teaser Tail Nymph Jigs came about as Mel's efforts to fish those area's beneath the surface when you are searching for feeding Bluegill, etc.

The Teaser Tail Nymph Jigs are tied on a Barbless Jig Hook in a size 10 most often.  They are combined with a Slotted Tungsten Bead to help in getting the pattern down quickly to feeding fish.

Mel suggests you have some of these in your bug box for those times when fish are not up, but, down!

Jig it, or, a slow - hand twist retrieve should find you some fish!