The Bluegill Bug Shop's Pop-Top 6 Pack Fly Box

The Bluegill Bug Shop's Pop-Top 6 Pack Fly Box

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The Bluegill Bug Shop has came across a unique little Pop-Top 6 Pack Fly Box!

This plastic (6) Compartment Fly Box can be used for a load of your favorite flies for a quick trip to your favorite fishing spot.  Each compartment has it's own individual Pop-Top lid.  Just open the snap Pop-Top for that particular fly and access what you want without taking a chance of exposing all of your fly's in the other compartments.  Sturdy and small enough to throw in your shirt pocket or elsewhere and away you go.  Easily carries roughly 3 dozen flies or more depending on your choice of flies for the box.  

This box also has a lot of other uses on the fly tying bench.  Great way to hold Beads, your most used hooks, etc.

Mel recommends some for your fly fishing and fly tying pleasure!